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How to Sell Anything “Without Selling”

Did you know I did my job for FREE for 6 years, till I could figure out how to monetize it.... I owe all my thanks and knowledge to my last job for the opportunity to see clients struggles and successes, that experience allowed me to help struggling business by having...

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New Food Gift Brand Kits Personalized for Biz

So exciting! Snacks from small-batch brands with Custom Personalized hard goods to create attractive giftable kits. All aspects of the batches can be customized, from the hard goods to the high-end packaging to the complimentary handwritten notecards. One-piece...

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Top 10 Eco Friendly Gifts

5 ways to Grow your Business with Eco friendly Promos 1.) Environmentally Friendly Product : 42% of consumers have a more favorable opinion of the advertiser if the item they receive is Eco-Friendly (Counselor Ad study 2019) 2.) Appeal to Millennial/Gen Z : 94% of Gen...

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Gifts to Generate Goodwill & New Clients

You are 5 TIMES MORE likely to close a deal through an existing relationship. [-Marketing Matrix] Remember people might forget your name, but they will NEVER forget how you made them feel. Consumers REACTION to Branded Promotional Products & Custom Gifts -- 79%...

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10 Tips to Get More Clients with Gifts

👉Show up where your Competition is NOT (Mailboxes right now) LUMPY Mail gets OPENED 👉Know your Why: Do you want to be Top of Mind? Create a Deeper Connection with prospects & Clients or just grow your Network 👉What Problems are you feeling about Swag: Think it’s...

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Top 10 Business Gifts (B2B, CORPORATE GIFTING)

When I'm working with a new client on Strategy, I ask them to close their eyes and picture their IDEAL client, where are they in their life (home, office, car etc.), are they sitting or standing, and what are they reaching for? Open you eye's and what did you see? I...

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Top 10 Mailed Gifts

I get the question many times per week, "What are the best gifts to mail" So I complied a list of great items that you can mail to a new clients, all clients last quarter, clients you have NOT seen in a year or more and prospect clients. ALWAYS include a handwritten...

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Top 10 Consumer Gifts

There's no questions as to why some of these items made the list, many of which because of the functionality. When I get the pleasure to make branded product recommendations I always ask "Where in their life do you want to show up" So this list is compromised of items...

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