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With the new decade upon us, visionary leaders are being called to uplift audiences globally more than ever before. We are at a pivotal time in our world where the visionary leader’s message needs to not only inspire transformation, but guide their audiences to think beyond conventional thinking, feel more empowered, and be ready to take action more urgently on their dreams and goals.

With over 30 combined years of entrepreneurship, personal growth, professional development, mentoring, coaching, training, entertainment PR & talent management, and personal branding, Marla Diann embodies authenticity, empowerment, vulnerability, and creativity.

Marla speaks to women and men entrepreneurs, event and wedding professionals, and creative professionals with grace and passion. She has an extraordinary approach to commanding her audience to be engaging and interactive. Her style is to talk with her audience; not at them. She is a compelling storyteller who is understands the heart of humanity.

Her audience learns to stand for their worth and dignity. She believes dignity is a conviction of your self-worth, how you treat yourself, and how you make choices in alignment with your values. The result is how you show up and demonstrate that to the world.

She is known for being an advocate and transformational coach in the area of wealth consciousness and money relationship to upgrade your worth and dignity. Money habits, behaviors and mindset are deeply rooted requiring a recalibration in order to create better results. She uses the transformation of your money relationship as a catalyst for change in all parts of your life.

Speaking Topics

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Raise Your Wealth Consciousness for Higher Sales Conversion

Marla will challenge and inspire you to explore the condition of your wealth consciousness and how it affects your sales conversion. Wealth consciousness means how you are in relationship with money –how you think, feel and act with money – and to what degree it will support you in being more confident in sales, in business and in your life.

She will extract TOP breakthrough tips from her signature creative entrepreneurial success program to encourage you to BEGIN THINKING, ACTING AND FEELING DIFFERENTLY about having empowering money conversations during the sales process so that you become more dignified and confident while creating higher revenues.

This is the start of transforming your relationship with money. It begins with the willingness to change and the courage to see what’s been holding you back.

You will learn:
  • Why it’s crucial to know the condition of your money relationship and how to recalibrate it to empower you more personally and professionally.
  • Why we attract who we are in our lead generation and sales process
  • The cost of not standing in your power with money
  • Lifetime mindset tools to keep upgrading your money relationship to increase your income, confidence, and results.
  • Strategies to remain firm on pricing.
    Setting stronger boundaries for empowering money conversations during sales.
Inspired action vs. Massive action for High Achieving Women
Massive action feels hard, pushy and rough. I found out the hard way several years ago when I was going after a big goal with a deadline. I pushed my way through it for weeks and felt overly burned out by the time I completed it.

What I have come to learn is when women use too much masculine energy for extended periods of time – our hearts and intuition (our superpower) shut down as well as our feminine power. That’s exactly what happened back then. That was the turning point for me. I would no longer be available for this consistent masculine energy. I learned there is a masterful blend of the two when running a business or career.


You will learn:
  • Symptoms of using too much masculine energy and what actions to take to recalibrate
  • Clarifying the traits of feminine and masculine actions and how to create a masterful blend of the two for your well-being and success in business or your career
  • The secret to inspired action that will change everything
  • How partnering with Universal Intelligence is your best advocate
  • Intelligence is your best advocate
  • Marla’s creative achievement formula to achieving your goals in a shortened time frame
Creative Renewal as a Pathway to Your Genius Zone
I aspire for you to eliminate the habits, behaviors and mindset that keep you being a slave to time and work. I’m giving you permission to have a new relationship with your creativity, your genius, and time. Creative renewal is a new relationship with your inspired self – the place where ideas, your art, innovation, solutions, and powerful shifts originate.

For the high achiever, thought leader and visionary, creative renewal is a fresh look at life. It’s a renewed curiosity.

Creative renewal is that re-claimed part of yourself you may have neglected for a variety of reasons. It is my hope you recognize and embrace you are a channel to bring a higher level of your talents, solutions, ideas, and innovation to your business and to humanity.

We explore and discuss:
  • What is creative renewal and how do you know you need it?
  • 3 vital steps to getting started in your creative renewal.
  • What’s possible with a renewed creativity?
  • Creative Renewal + Genius Zone = A fulfilled life and career
  • 5 Essential Ingredients for Living an Amplified Creative Life!
Thought Leadership IS the game changer for today’s business brands. Are you ready?

Genuine, impactful, and inspiring personal brands are willing to “step out and be heard” even if it feels uncertain and vulnerable. We are agents of change.

The saturation online requires you to pivot your leadership to implement change on small or large levels in your own industry and that of humanity by being a “thought leader.”

That begins with changing your conversation online and offline. Taking a stand for something. Thought leadership requires being bold for the good of humanity rather than when you stand for everything you stand for nothing.

Be bolder in your brand messaging. Be polarizing. Come up with standout language in a provocative way that it causes people to emote – feel – and take an action.

We will explore and discuss:
  • 4 truths that position you as a thought leader brand
  • How to breakthrough any fears of being that leader who inspires
  • Why you and why now?
  • 4 undisputable leadership qualities required to lead

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