I get the question many times per week, “What are the best gifts to mail” So I complied a list of great items that you can mail to a new clients, all clients last quarter, clients you have NOT seen in a year or more and prospect clients. ALWAYS include a handwritten note. The key is to make sure these items are custom branded with your logo and they have a long life span, that way they can keep your brand TOP of MIND!

1.) Mousepad Paper

2.) Tekbook with hand sanitizer (Many options with the Tekbooks)

3.) Notebook with Pen

4.) Postcard with Nail File attached (Many options to attach)

5.) Picture Frame

6.) Bandanna

7.) Magnet Picture Frame

8.) Tekbook with Earbuds (Many tech options to insert)

9.) Tech Pouch

10.) Branded Chocolate

Call or email me if you have a project you need help with, I love to strategize a plan that will generate you more leads & clients.

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